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Bhutan is a landlocked country which lies in south Asia. It is also one of the SAARC country.It is located in eastern Himalayas between Tibet to north, Indian boundaries of Assam and West Bengal to the south and east and Sikkim to the west.It has an area of 47,ooo square kilometer.It is a small country with rich in natural beauty,culture and tradition.It is also mountainous country.So, many beautiful Himalayan ranges are main attractive site of this country.This country is bounded by Tibetan plateau in north.Bhutan is also known as a ‘The Land of Thunder Dragon’. A main religion of this country is Buddhism.People of this country are simple and kind and usually seen in their traditional dress.This country has opened its gate to the foreign visitor for only small group of people.The Land of thunder Dragon means property where main religion is Mahayana Buddhism.

Bhutan tour

Yala Adventure has provided different opportunities to travel in Bhutan. It gives facilities to travel in packages in affordable prices.Traveling in Bhutan is enjoyable and interesting. This country is also popular among Buddhist.There are also so many religious visiting sites which give you one kind of spiritual satisfication.We can also provide you some trekking route.Trekking in Bhutan is one of the enjoyable moment with paradise feeling.We can provide facility to travel from Nepal to Bhutan in reasonable price.Tour in Gangtey valley, Dzongri trek etc are some popular trek route which give you extreme joy.Some tours of Bhutan are popular throughout the world due to its reasonable price, easiness and enjoyable opportunities for traveler.We will be pleased if you kindly send us email about our trekking packages.
Never miss the opportunity to travel in small paradise. Once,if you visit this interesting country, you will never forget this country. For more detail please talk with us in online.

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