Camp Treks in Nepal

Camp Treks in Nepal

Trekking through the Himalayas is a unique opportunity to rediscover the rhythms of nature so easily forgotten in the west. On the camping trek, we get up and go to bed with the daylight, and relax in warm sunshine after leisurely lunch. Rest stops simply happen because there are some Yaks grazing to watch, or because of tempting teahouse at the top Of a long hill. We use roomy and comfortable tents two people to a tent. There is also toilet tent and Dining tent set up at each campsite. It’s your job to do the walking and take photographs, while our trek staffs take care of the camp duties and portage.

The day begins at dawn with a cup of tea being passed through your tent flap by a smiling kitchen boy saying- “Good Morning!” A few minutes later a bowl of hot washing water arrives. When you have cleansed, dressed and packed your duffel bag, just go to your waiting breakfast, leaving our staff to organize your tent and bags. Breakfasts are always big.

Our menu is based on fresh food to provide three nutritious, plentiful and tasty meals daily. Breakfast is a selection of cereal, muesli, and porridge, followed by pancakes, chapati, puri and local breads. An egg dish usually completes the meal. Lunch is a selection of salads, pasta, traditional breads, and cheese and potato dishes. Our evening meal commences with soup and is followed by rice, pasta and a range of vegetable and meat dishes. Fruit or a local dessert complete the meal. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, cordial and biscuits are provided at meals and on request. We can cater for specific dietary needs if we know in advance. First-time trekkers are pleasantly surprised at the quality of the meals.

Trip Cost

Trip Cost will be depending on service quality that you are going to use accommodation (luxury, Standard & Budget) in cities and entire the trekking either way normal teahouse or best available or Camping (Fully tented camp) so better to mention us what you are expecting?

“We can customize all Our luxury treks & tours package as per your interest and feasible time.”
CAMPING TREK AREAS Days Trek Grade Cost in US$

Annapurna Trek

19 Moderate – Difficulty $ 1900

Kanchenjunga Base Camp

27 Moderate – Strenuous $ 2700

Round Manaslu Trek

26 Moderate – Difficulty $ 2600

Mustang Trek

19 Moderate – Difficulty $ 1900

Dolpo Trek

29 Moderate – Difficulty $ 2900

Everest Base Camp Trek

26 Moderate – Difficulty $ 2600

Gokyo Trek

16 Moderate – Difficulty $ 1600

Everest High Pass Trek

25 Moderate – Difficulty $ 2500

Everest from East

25 Moderate – Difficulty $ 2500

Machapuchare Trek

16 Moderate $ 1600

Round Dhaulagiri Trek

28 Moderate – Difficulty $ 2800

Makalu Base Camp Trek

27 Moderate – Difficulty – Strenuous $ 2700

Mera Peak Base Camp Trek

22 Moderate – Strenuous $ 2200
Camp trekking in Nepal

Camp trekking in Nepal

adventure trekking Nepal

adventure trekking Nepal

We operate two types of trekking Style :

F.I.T (Family Individual Trevellers)
These we put together for individuals, small groups of friend or families who wish to enjoy their treks on their own (not joined by other trekkers).
Group Treks on fixed Dates
The group treks are planned for departure on Fixed dates and are joined by individuals from different countries the thing for you.
Trekking offers something for everybody. We carry the gear, leaving you to carry only your day pack. After a hearty breakfast we hit the trail – but we don’t walk in a line! Everyone is encouraged to walk at their own pace. We normally trek for around three hours in the morning, including time for rest stops. A hot meal is served during a long and relaxed lunch break. After lunch we set off again for a couple of hours before reaching the overnight camp where hot washing water is again provided.
While our staff prepare dinner, you may enjoy the company with the crew, explore the area or reflect on the day’s events. The three course evening meal is served in the dining tent, while conversation and comparing the day’s experiences provide an ideal way to round off the trekking day. Importantly, our day to day itineraries are flexible with sufficient rest days in reserve to ensure you have the best possible opportunity of achieving your goals.

Good Wholesome Food
Trekkers need good food. To satisfy the appetites that build up on the trail we provide three appetizing meals a day prepared with fresh ingredients, and snacks to keep you going. All our food is prepared by excellent cooks who ensure high standards of hygiene and serve a combination of European and local dishes. Your good health is our paramount concern.

What included on your trip cost ?
Himalayan Trekking with Adventure Fairsteps Treks . Trekking brings different pleasures to different people. We continue our commitment to including rest days and flexible itineraries – choosing not to provide the shortest itinerary – avoiding the busy trails and the crowded lodges. The naturally slow pace of trekking – and camping along the way allows you to gain a much better understanding of the land and the people than conventional travel. We follow ancient trade routes, visit monasteries and fascinating villages, and pass through magnificent forests and flowered meadows that can only be reached on foot.

The highlight of every Adventure Fairsteps Treks trip is the interaction with our trekking crew. The time you spend with your guides and porters, learning of their culture and sharing their sense of humour provide enduring memories.They understand that your holiday time is precious, so they take care of all the details such as permits, meals, selecting the best camp sites, carrying all the gear and setting up camp so you can
Nepal is safe After massive Earthquake