Charter Aircraft Nepal

These can operate both on scheduled or unscheduled routes. There are flights on request for which the tariff structure is independent and confirms to the lows of the market. It is possible to organise the trasport alone or with journeys, accommodation, and amusememts thrown in. The prices offered are much lower than the regular tariff of the official airline companies. Flights on request are reserved soley for independent groups. An all-inclusive air-journey (Generally called ALL INCLUSIVE TOUR) CONSISTS, ACCORDING TO THE IATA difinition of a round trip undertaken in whole or in part by air for an all-inclusive price includes accommodation during the period participants spend outside of their usual place of residence. The tour may also include supplementary advantages, uses of sheduled airline services or charter of a special aircraft. It is proposed to clients according to a specified programme, the dates of departure and the stages being known in advance. The inclusive tour price is regulated throughout the world to bodies travel agencies or others responsible for the sale, and in accordance with legal provision of a definite contract. All inclusive travel plays an extremely important role in the development of air tourism. It will be even more necessary to ensure the filling of the big carriers (Boeing 747, Jumbo Jets)