Gosainkunda Festival Trek

Goshaikunda is one of famous place of Nepal which is lies on the Hilly regions. It’s is know as Hindu Holy lake situated on the height of 4380m .   Hindus and the Buddhists is visited every year by thousands of visitor during the full- moon festival in August. According to the Hindu mythology, when the God churned the primordial ocean to produce elixir of eternal life, the poison was also produced simultaneously. To save the universe from this poison, Lord Shiva drank it scaring his throat blue in the process. To cool down his burning throat, Lord Shiva struck his trident into the rock creating three springs which ultimately resulted in the formation of beautiful lakes. Finally, Lord Shiva drank the water of the lakes and got rid of the pain. This place provides excellent views of snow-capped mountains, picturesque valley and glimpse of exotic 108 holy lakes with diverse ethnic culture.


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