Guide and Porter Hiring

Our company is an English language based trekking company ,well qualified and government licensed guides who are skilled enough to speak in various languages such as English, German, Polish, Japanese, Italian and Spanish on your requests.We offer a personal guide & porter service for your individual needs all our guides are well experienced, professional & multi lingual.We offer you this special individualized service.The guides are acknowledged of professional performance and care for clients’ needs.A good guide can enrich your trekking experience in many ways.They are well known in cultural understanding, route information, aware of local typical custom and tradition.In our Company, we have availability of guides with different languages and expert in different field as trekking, climbing, expedition, river and gorge, etc. They have got wonderful knowledge in the field of trekking as they are licensed through a training session held by Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) every year. They are aware in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness and other important issues.

Guides and porter hire in Nepal

Our Company is a well known company and would like to request all its appreciated customers to hire a porter to support you in trekking and their economy by creating a job for them as hundreds of thousands of families in Nepal depend upon pottering as their main source of income. A porter is hired to carry your baggage and luggage to make your trek comfortable.You need to be sure about giving him a reasonable load, usually a fully packed backpack.If you are with friends, try to group your stuff together in one big backpack and give that to a porter and then each carry a smaller daypack.However,the porter generally doesn’t speak English but will follow a trail just not to get lost.

Hire a porter! The best means of helping a porter is to hire one.Sometimes you can find a porter-guide , which might be ideal if you are trekking alone or if you have only one other companion. This is usually a porter who has been through a number of trekking, speaks some English, and aspires to be the tourist guide. It’s not that easy to find a porter-guide, especially in peak season but our company have many Guides, Porters, and Guide cum Porters. It’s our great pleasure to supply according to your requirements even though you are not buying full package trip.

The Hiring Service can be best for the Budget Travelers and Bag Packers who have low Budget for trekking. The cost of the trip depends on the season and trekking region, so please contact us for further information to know the hiring process and cost in detail.

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