How to Buy Directly from Taobao

How to Order from Taobao Website. is the largest C2C website in China(popular than ebay), We assist you with buying all kinds of products offered at incredibly low price on Chinese online shops such as Taobao. Platinum VIP members can enjoy 8% service fee and Diamond members can enjoy 7.5% service fee, so RORBUY as an English Taobao broker cuts the cost for clients dramatically. As English Purchasing Agent, RORBUY provides shopping service for people who want to buy from Chinese online markets like PaiPai or Taobao in English. RORBUY work for 6 day every week. The unique quick order box on the website makes shopping easier and orders can be handled in 24 hours, articles can be arrived during 7 days.
Here is a link about what foreign buyers usually buy from taobao.

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