increase your pr (google page rank) with old domain

First off, I will say that I do not know with certainty if a 301 redirect provides a SEO benefit to your site.  I will say that I know a handful of guys that swear by it though and they probably won’t be happy that I’m sharing this information (which may be common knowledge to some and new knowledge to others).  Let’s suppose you want to start a new site.  The domain age will be brand new.  Google might sandbox your site if you immediately build a ton of backlinks to your site.  And your site is starting with no pagetrust.  Well, according to some a 301 redirect from an aged site will change that.  Here’s how it works.

To begin you need to understand what a 301 redirect is… this is basically a note to the search engines that you have moved your site to a new domain name.  There are two ways to use this, legitimately and illegitimately.  The proper way to use this is straightforward, you moved your site to a new domain and so anyone that comes to your old domain you will redirect them to the new domain.  There is also a way to use this that might be of SEO benefit to you and which some of the top SEO guys I know use 301 redirects.

You go to a place like Auctions and you use their filter options to find an aged domain.  Something that is at least 10 years old.  You can find them for $5 on up.  Buy it.

Now, set up a simple one or two page site on that domain.  It can be a WordPress based site or a simple css template or whatever.  Write an article that is 1,500 to 2,000 words on the homepage that focuses on keywords of your new site that you want to benefit.  Once you get that set up and post the article you should have a few thousand backlinks created to that website URL.

Check Google after a day or two.  You want to see that the article was indexed.  Once the article was indexed in Google we are going to set up the 301 redirect.  Here’s the code that you need to add to your index file at the very top (remove the space between the opening “<” and “?”) (replace “new_site” with your URL):
Required Code (replace this code in your old index.php page)
<? Header( “HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently” ); Header( “Location:” ); ?>

This will tell the search engines that you site has moved to this new domain. So now the search engines will see your new site as a site that is 10+ years old and just transferred to a new domain. It is believed that this will provide you with more pagetrust since it is viewed as an aged site. You also should be able to build a ton of backlinks now to your old site without getting sandboxed since the search engines should view your new site as really being older.

Now you will of course need to do more then a 301 redirect in order to rank a site well, but this could be a key step in helping you achieve those high SERPs that you are aiming for.