India Tour

India Tour

Tourism in India

India is a democratic country of south Asia bordered with Pakistan, China, Nepal and Bangladesh.It has a population of about 1,173,108,018.The capital city of India is New Delhi.The name of prime minister of India is Narendra Modi.It is also big in its geography. There are various geographical region having different climate. It is also a well known country in the world in case of film industry, cricket, art and culture, biodiversity, festival, architecture etc. It is also one of the touristic nation of the world.It has challenged the world in the field of economic and industry.Most of Indian people are Hindu and some of them are  christian,Islamic etc.Calcutta,Bombay, Bangalore, Madras, Hyderbad etc are name of few cities of India.Hindi,English, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri etc are principal languages spoken in India.

India is well known to the world due to its unique identity in culture, festivities,adventurous sports, wildlife,lofty beaches,flora and fauna, monuments, several castles etc. These identity can be observe from Himanchal pradesh to Garhwal, Darjeeling to Sikkim, Kerala to Tamil Nadu. There are also mountain ranges offering beautiful scenario, river rafting, trekking and many more.

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