Motor & Mountain bike hire in Nepal

Note: This service is only available for foreign Tourist

The bikes are the most favorable means of transportation because it is very time saving, less expensive, most private vehicle which gives you open air thrill of ride.

Motorbike hire in Nepal

Motorbike hire in Nepal


Motorbike hire in Nepal – Generation Information

Motorbike must be returned latest by 7:00 pm. Incase of per day agreement we will however make arrangement if you could kindly inform us your late arrival. if the bikes don”t arrive on time, we would charge penalty for failure to return on time. The bike dosen’t have any short of insurance.

Terms of condition of Bike hire

I will take full responsibility of Bike

I will bear for any loss/damage made to the bike during my tour

I will take very good care of Bike during my tour.


There is no guarantee about tires and tubes.

Booking charge is not refundable

Bike rate are not negotiable, once agreed.

I hereby agree all the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Motorbike hire in Nepal with Cost list

Motorbike hire in Nepal with Cost list


Bike hire in Nepal

Bike hire Nepal


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