Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Cultural Tour is ever best for holiday visitors those who have interests to test real Nepalese hospitality and traditions. Nepal is a destination of infinite charm and diversity. However our country has an extremely rich cultural and religious heritage as well as endless natural beautiful surroundings that will take your breath away Nepal has a rich and a most diverse culture because of its unique location between the world’s two largest and ancient civilizations. Nepal is the Holy Land of Lord Pashupatinath & Gautam Buddha, where the Hindus & Buddhists have coexisted for centuries in total harmony. Lord Buddha, the ‘light of Asia’, was born in Lumbini in Nepal’s southern plains, which makes Nepal a scared pilgrimage destination for all Buddhists. The Temple of Pashupatinath is Nepal’s most scared Hindu shrine and one of the four most important sites in the world for Shiva worshipers. Both of these religions celebrate many festivals of religious significance with amazing enthusiasm – thus Nepal is known as a non-stop festival country and a living cultural museum of the world. Some people celebrate Dashain and some people celebrate Mani Rimdu,chad parba and some people celebrate Lhosar. Depending on Geo-location and religions different ethnic groups have different festivals, traditions and customs.These tours are for those who dream to experience typical Nepalese cultures, traditions and festivals.

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