Nepal earthquake CCTV: Buildings, Gates, Statue collapse

यसरी गयो भुकम्प, सीसी टिभीबाट कैद गरिएको दृष्य

Souce: Hamro Sandesh
6 storage building collapes in 25 sec – Kathmandu, Nepal

People are still leaving in the tent outside their house afraid of earthquake and the rumours about it. Kathmandu was always considered as the most dangerous place during earthquake so the people in Kathmandu are more furious because if this incident as there is unmanaged housing system with vulnerable construction quality.

Video Source: Canada Nepal

CCTV footage of swimming pool, Buildings, Gates, statue during earthquake in Nepal

Video Source: Online Khabar

Video Source: Setopati

CCTV footage of swimming pool during earthquake in Nepal

Video Source: Daily Motion

Swimming pool overflows in shocking CCTV from Nepal earthquake



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