Palaces and temple of Tibet

Potala Palace
Potala palace is one of the best architectural construction. It lies in world heritage site.In the begining, it was built in 640 AD.The present Potala palace was built in 17th century by the fifth Dalai Lama which has about 1000 rooms. There is also facility of teaching Buddhist philosophy to the monk.The palace is coloured with red and white. The colour has its usual meaning.It is 117m high and 13 storied.This palace is rich in wealth of culture and art.Now this palace is turned into museum and anyone can visit there.This place is constructed in hill.From the palace, wide view of that area can be observed. This palace will be the best place for the study of art, culture and lifestyle of Tibet.

Potala palace Tibet

Jokhang Temple and Bharkhor bazzar

It is one of the hoilest temple of Tibet.Many Buddhist people visit here to worship the god. This temple was built by the greatest king of Tibetan Shrong Tsong Gompo. He had two wives. This temple was built with the request of Nepalese wife Bhrikuti.Brikuti had brought Buddha image from Nepal.That image was housed in that temple.This temple is also lies in world heritage site.There is also Bharkhor Bazzar where people sell their ritual goods and visitor buy these goods. Innumerable people open shops here during festival.Many pilgrims from various country visit here.

Jokhang temple

Jokhang temple

Norbulingka palace

Norbulingka Palace

Norbulingka Palace

This palace is summer place of Dalai lama.It lies in west part of Lhasa.There is also quiet beautiful garden. It was built by 7th Dalai Lama. It is recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. It consists of about 374 rooms.It is a unique representation of Tibetan architecture. There are also preserved murals, mandalas and other fascinating sight to see.It has an area of about 36 square hectare. It is famous for horticulture.Visitor can also see the car which is imported by the great 13th Dalai Lama to the Tibet.The rooms are remained as same as they were when the Dalai Lama left in 1959 AD.There are different attractive painting,architecture, art etc inside the palace.


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