Political or Commercial Interest on Tourism in Nepal

The necessity for amicable relations among different tribes or states gave rise to the travels of ‘envoys’ not only between neighbouring countries, but also between states situated long distances apart. Such relation existed between Rome and China and they had exchanged ‘envoys’ in days long ago.

Merchants impelled by the lure of great gain travelled long distances to seek rare and necessary products. We know the historical example of the Argonauts who sailed in the ship Argo in search of the golden fleece.

The Greek merchants traded in their colonies with the local people along the shores of the Black sea. The Phoenicians also established their trade relations with the Western Coats of Africa. The Arabs went as for as China, and they traded in luxury products so much in demand in the world of the time. The Roman merchants had established their trading centres along the shores of the Baltic, the Vistula, and in the British Isles.

These commercial establishments were functioning in all directions. The merchants used boats up to the coasts and the caravans across the continents.