Role of RNAC in Nepal

In view of the geographical feature of Nepal. RNAC is often the only means of linking the remote areas of the country. It connects different parts of the country and mobilizes socio economic activity. It is established with a social and economic motive, and is basically a public utility service organisation. So its sole importance has been hinged to service orented operation to most of the internal stations, with the basic aim of national development providing essential air transport links within the country. The mountaineus terrain of Nepal is very remote and the existing road networks are not fully developed to enable people to travel from oe part of the country to another. RNAC HAS DONE A REMARKABLE SOCIAL SERVICE TO THE COUNTRY AS WELL AS ECONOMICALLY EBNEFITTING VARIOUS ASPECTS OF Nepal’s developement.

RNAC’s  countribution to the tourism growth of the country is very significant. It has a major role in tourist promotion by operating tourist-oriented flights such as Mountain Flight towards Mt. Everest, and Charter Operation in domestic sectors to provide sightseeing and tours to mountain resorts such as Langtang, Jomsom, Namchebazar, Helambu and Manang etc. The tourist experience a spectacular one hour flight which gives a thrilling close-up view less than 25 kms from the summits of Mount Everest , Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Kanchanjunga and other mountains of the estern Himalayan Ranges. The flights operated at sunrise as well as sunset between October and May are made in HS 748s.