Rural areas of Nepal

Village life Kathmandu Valley209343The term ‘rural’ is often used easily. It is hard to define and differentiate between rural and urban areas. The contrast between these two is different for different scholars. In the context of Nepal, there are currently 3,625 Village Development committees (VDCs) and those VDCs are considered as rural areas. According to census 2011, nearly 81.8% of population lives in rural areas. Rural people mostly depend on agriculture for their livelihood. The rural scene of Nepal can be figured out through following points:

  • Low per capita Income
  • Excessive dependence on agriculture
  • Lack of Capital
  • Industrial backwardness
  • Underutilization of Natural Resources
  • Inequality in the distribution of Wealth
  • Unemployment
  • Excessive dependence on outsiders
  • Indebtedness
  • Lack of entrepreneurship
  • Low productivity

These are the major problems of rural areas in Nepal. In spite of these problems, nowadays, more than 1 million people of Nepal are believed to be working abroad, especially in gulf countries likewise Qatar, S. Arabia, Malaysia and Dubai. It contributes to the economic sector through remittance.

Moreover, nowadays, much emphasis has been given to rural development as a solution of rural problems. Various policies have been formulated for improvement of rural status but the reality is that, there is no separate department for rural development in Nepal.


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