Sightseeing Tour in Nepal

Sightseeing Nepal

There are several places in Nepal for sightseeing tours.  Natural and manmade thousands of attractions are the ways to know the civilization of this wonderful country. This is a country of high Himalayan Mountains, artistic monuments, exotic wildlife and diverse cultures. It is the land where Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace was born over 2500 years ago. The highest peak in the world Mt. Everest with the elevation of 8,848 meters is another attraction to visit Nepal.

For over forty years, Nepal has been an extremely fascinating destination for travelers, scholars, and researchers. For those interested in culture, the Kathmandu valley, is endowed with seven World Heritage sites. This valley was divided into three kingdoms less than a century ago. It now contains countless architectural monuments, and vestiges of varied cultural and religious traditions.

In other chapters we explain about the adventure Nepal provides, here we detail some of the more popular gentle sides of a holiday in our Kingdom including the Kathmandu Valley itself and other major settlements of interest in Nepal. This is not at all surprising even the apparent political issues that seem to crop up there every once in a while would not be enough to deter some people from taking one or two Nepal tours that would make their vacation a little bit more colorful.

city tour in kathmandu

city tour in kathmandu

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