The Hotel Industry

The hotel like any other business is an enterprise for the production of goods and of services, intended to be sold for a profit to remunerate the administration and the capital involved. The production of goods consists primaliry in the Transformation of foodstuff, into dishes and meals served to clients. The hotel is also a unit of wholesale trade when it sells alcohol drinks, cigarettes, postcards, etc. But its prime role consists is producing services, like the rental of rooms including a whole series of accessory services like hall, lounges, swimming pool, garden, sporting installations, banquet and conference halls etc. In economic terms, the hotel is complex productive unit exercising serveral functions of reception.

The characteristic trait of an hotel is as follows:

1. A hotel is a fixed immobile installation. It has a building.

2. It islodging open to the public, and

3. It is an enterprise which sells goods and services requiring payment of the price necessary to reimburse general costs and realise an adequate profit.

Financial autonomy is a characteristic trait of an hotel enterprise. In other to help an assist hotels, may countries grant state loans and subsidies or concessions are grnted to encourage the hotel industry. So the hotle should be able to provide individual services for a person as well as for a family or a group. A hotel should provide uniform overall services, of average or superior quality, rooms with or without bath, meals at various prices, dry cleaning, laundry, sale of postcards and souvenier, tobacco and drinks etc.

The Hotel Industry

The Hotel Industry

Hotel classification method is used to rate hotels according to their degree of comfort, duration of operation, purpose and size. However, the official system of classification differ from one country to another.

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