Tourism Australia launches ANA campaign in Japan

Tourism Australia has kicked off a new campaign in Japan to promote ANA’s (All Nippon Airways) new flight between Tokyo Haneda and Sydney which launched in December last year.

The campaign, with a projected reach of 62 million, combines a mix of digital, out-of-home, print and retail promotion in Tokyo and Osaka from February till June in addition to a nationwide broadcast program. Tourism Australia has also launched a web page on to promote the ANA campaign.

The broadcast program, including TBS Pittanko Kankan and KTV Rainbow Colour Jean, recently visited Australia with Japanese celebrities to experience Australian attractions including coastal and aquatic themes in each destination.

TBS Pittanko Kankan is a weekly one-hour variety show which airs nationwide in Japan at prime time on Friday night. The show will feature Sydney and Melbourne in two upcoming episodes airing on 5 February and 12 February, with an audience reach of 35 million.

KTV Rainbow Colour Jean is a weekend morning show which includes a travel sector and airs every Saturday nationwide in Japan. Sydney, Melbourne and Cairns will be featured in a 90-minute episode of the show airing on 20 February, with an audience reach of 8 million.

These programs are supported by ANA, Tourism Victoria and Tourism Tropical North Queensland. The expected ANA campaign total reach is 62 million people in Japan.