Tourism before unification of Nepal

Since ancient times Nepal was known as the abode of Gods. Many chinese as well as Indian people come to Nepal to make long pilgrimage to places of venerated worship. The chinese, followers of Buddha, did not hesitate to go as far as Lumbini, travelling millions of miles across vast countries. So the religious sentiment persuaded people of China and India to make a journey,strifing many dangers and hardships.
The people of India used to make journey to pay homepages to Lord Pashupati nath, Muktinath,, Barahachetra etc. making efforts which sometimes exceeded the limit of human endurance. On the commercial level, the lure of Nepal wool, so famous at that time impelled the merchants from India and China to make distant journeys to seek rare and sought after products. The travels of merchants who always journeyed with their merchandise, constitue an important part in the movement of persons.
On the political level, the necessity of amity or relations among different states or tribes, and the exchange of envoys between geighbouring countries, were greatly appreciated in the world of that time.