Many of you have dreamed of reaching a summit of a mountain among Many Hamalayan Peaks in Nepal. Amateur mountaineers and strong trekkers can successfully climb many smaller Himalayan Peaks on a relatively short holiday. Since 1978 the NMA has had the authority to issue permission for small-scale attempts on 18 peaks that are known as “Trekking Peaks”for trekking groups with permission from Nepal Mountaineering Association. Permits for these can be obtained at a short time. Pardonable formalities and price. Rather than requiring an expensive expedition permit and complex regulations. The climbing treks will be led by our sherpa sardars, some of whom have climbed Mt Everest and other Himalayan Peaks.

Trekking Peaks Area Days Trek Grade Cost in Us$
Mera Peak 22 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2200
lobuje East 25 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2500
Imja Tse(Island PeaK) 25 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2500
Ramdungo 29 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2900
Chulu West 22 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2200
Tharpu Chuli 20 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2000
Singu Chuli 22 Difficulty – Alpine $ 2200

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