Trekking Tourism in Nepal

Trekking Tourism is getting more and more popular in Nepal Visitors to Nepal, really miss the exotic charms of Nepal, if they do not have the chance to trek in the mountains of Nepal Mountain Nepal is not accssible by road. There are only hill traks and terrains. Trekking on foot for several days is the only way to enjoy remote villages and unspoiled valleyes and to have close up views of majestic Himalayan peaks. Trekking is not so strenuous as mountaineering, expeditions. Trekking can be done by any lover of nature who likes to relax in the unsophisticated mountain valleys. Nepal is the only place in the earth which provides all sports of trekking possibilities from difficult treks to shorter treks. Trekking tourism is one of the major assets of Nepal annd this is amply proved by the growing number of visitors who are going to the mountains every year. His Majesty’s Government has declared open 18 peaks for Trekking parties. The highest peak having upto 21.34 ft. (6630m.) with previous permission from Nepal Mountaineering Association. There are two associations registered according to law and recognised by His Majesty’s Government for the purpose of trekking and mountaineering expedition.

There are Nepal Mountaineering Association and Trekking Agents Association of Nepal. The most popular trekking rutes now are Kathmandu Namche Bazar, Kathmandu- Helambu, Kathmandu-Pokhar, Pokhara-Annapurna, Pokhara-Manang. Besides these, many other places of interest like Jiri, Langtang Valley, Gosainkunda, Jumla, Palpa, Dolpa, Ghandrung, Gorapani, Laker-Rara etc.

Trekking is also regarded the only possible way to explore the Nepal’s National Parks and wildlife reserves. Nepal’s sole opportunity to build up and independent market. The long stay required for a normal trek makes a visit to India or other main attractions in the south of Asia quite subsidiary, so that in any case direct booking with Nepalese tour operators could be made. This fulfils a pre-condition for acquiring foreign currency income besides assisting development by directing the tourist to less developed region.”

It is Sure that Trekking tourism is Nepal’s sole resource, to build up and independent market. The duty of the licensed trekking agencies is to find out potential markets and sell their Productly directly to the desirous clients. With this end in view, His Majesty’s Government of Nepl has already started a number of activites. Every effort is now underway to provide better trekking services, good facilities and better security arrangements enroute.

The tourist influx into the Khumbu region is leading to more deforestation, shortage of food and population of the region. in view of these developments the khumbu region his prompted conduct a feasibility study of a develoent project of infrastructures as well as accommodation for trekking and mountaineering. Special emphasis has been given in the study by the Industrial Services Centre of Nepal, On behalf of the HMG, Department of Tourism with the financial assistance of IDA Washington is now complete.

After the Khumbu region study, His Majesty’ Government of Nepal has opened up Manang-another trekking area just to avoid congestion in Khumbu region. Now many trekkers are visiting Manang and thus there is no more concentration of trekkers only in Khumbu region.

Tourism in Nepal